Why be a GCE member?

Being a member of GCE is to have a guaranteed quality on each service that can be reached. Being part of GCE is to have a firm that provides international support in all our client’s requirements.

How has your GCE experience been?

Our experience with GGE has been very enriching because it has professional workers in various branches of business, accounting, Information Technology, and they are always updated.
The trainings we receive constantly keep us updated on new business trends.

What is the most positive aspect of the network?

GCE is a firm that was ahead in the use of zero contact technologies. Since I joined the firm, I have been able to count on a company with high technological innovation, which has been an advantage since the COVID-19. During this pandemic time, the impact has been minimal, since my clients were fully adapted.
Another positive aspect is being able to have the possibility to offer diverse solutions in any country or region, with an immediate response time. Also, is helpful to have people who love the network, and who are focused on the same objectives, regardless of the country.

Cesar Monge Abarca

Despacho Contable Costa Rica