When we say that we are a global network, we do it in the literal sense of the word, we have members in more than 125 places distributed in all continents; These members are what make GCE Global a reliable firm, backed by having the best professionals wherever we are.

On this occasion we want to highlight LANS Law Firm, our prominent member in Central America, more specifically in El Salvador. LANS is a law firm with a corporate focus with more than 30 years in the market, which has been characterized by the provision of its legal services in the business field at a national and international level, in sectors such as industry, commerce and general services.

Its services are distributed in 3 lines, such as the legal division, where advice is provided in 10 areas of law, which include corporate law, intellectual property, commercial law, immigration permits, among others.

Secondly, there is the litigation division, dealing with issues such as labor and criminal litigation, administrative recovery of delinquent portfolios and other services.

Finally, consulting and outsourcing make up the third division of the company, providing services such as investment advice, outsourcing in different areas of business, among others.

This law firm represents the principles of our global network, performing with excellence and experience, supported by local talent and professionalism and with a global projection.

GCE Global offers the exclusivity of being unique representatives of our seal in each country where it is present. Join our exclusive network of professionals and project yourself globally with the support and experience that more than 20 years in the market give us.

At GCE Global, #wedothingsright!

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