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GCE Global  is the Holding  International professional membership association for legal practice managers and leaders within America, Europe, Asian, Middle East, Oceania. Managing Partners, Sole Practitioners and Lawyers with management roles. If you have management or leadership responsibility within a law firm, Accounting Firm, RRHH Company  then GCE Global  is for you. Our members include Firms Managers, Accounting  , Lawyers Firms Executives, Specialist Managers (E.g. HR, Marketing, Finance, IT), 

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TPC Group

Transfer Pricing International Network TPC Group has a deep fiscal and legal knowledge in matters of Transfer Prices and International Taxation, which, in addition to our international presence, let us offer first level solutions wherever you are and in accordance with your company’s needs.

Global Chamber

Global Chamber® is a thriving community of professionals, mentors and innovative companies taking on the world of global business. We provide information, connections and mentoring for leaders to capture global business opportunities. Connect with our resources and tens of thousands of members and followers worldwide to accelerate your success. Engage with us to improve your business, our region and the world. Be global and UNSTOPPABLE!


Start Up Overseas is the definitive online resource to help you start or expand your business abroad.

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The wide range of material available through GCE Global and its training programs covers all fields to improve legal and accounting practice in one place.

Jenny V

GCE Global has been really helpful in developing my skills. I have attended various webinars, seminars and conferences since I am a member. Its speakers are always specialists within their fields and the topics are always topical. Also the possibility of clients who have come through this interaction.

John Doe


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