From April 20 to 22, 2023 – Mexico

Letter from the CEO of GCE Global

We were announced for job changes in the legal and accounting industry, we prepared ourselves and came to the conclusion that the best strategy was proposed.

With our business knowledge, legal and accounting weight, we are confident that this SUMMIT will quickly become an important resource for our members.

We have already prepared ourselves, we have extensive experience, strong industry knowledge and legal knowledge that will be critical to your law firm or accounting firm’s strategic investment in mergers and acquisitions and company law. When he is also sociable and welcoming, he is an important addition to us at GCE Global.

#GCEElectrify2023 returns to bring together the world’s accounting and legal industries for three days of teamwork, coaching and professional development.

This powerful event will feature an exciting experience that will recharge and send us off with a powerful strategy to take your firm and law firm to a higher level. Presentations will be on topics such as maximizing opportunities within GCE Global in a hybrid workspace and avoiding burnout with work-life balance. The event will give space to receptions with drinks, lunches, cocktails, where you can share with professionals and have the opportunity to be proactive and connect with members, partners and leaders who have weathered the storm and reached the pinnacle of success, to confront the movements. without fearing the much feared so-called «crisis».



The GCE ELECTRIFY 2023 Keynote will give you access to the most impactful thought leaders in the legal and accounting industry. Hear from high-profile accounting and legal industry leaders and business executives from renowned firms in Europe and the Americas as they cover the key business trends that are driving the future of virtual work and new technologies.


Our innovation keynotes give you access to innovative and strategic resources in legal technology and accounting technology, as well as an introduction to using artificial intelligence to solve key business trends or challenges that are impacting the profession.


Our thematic conferences will give you the opportunity to meet leaders from the legal, accounting, marketing and technology industries, prestigious thinkers who will share knowledge about the key trends in each area to take your firm to the next level. Productivity, Outsourcing, Transfer Pricing, Talent, Learning, Legal Technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Sharing experiences and knowledge are key elements to grow in the legal and accounting industries. These peer or interest-based meetings will give you the opportunity to share perspectives on hot topics and key challenges facing the profession and the companies it impacts. Let’s recharge!


Business development and sales, Marketing and brand, Digital Marketing and social networks, will have a wide stage within our event with talks such as:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile, the direct ticket to your ideal ally.
  • Productivity in less time.
  • Practical Brand Workshop: A series for managers.
  • Supporting your marketing efforts.
  • Financial departments will have talks such as:
  • Accounts Receivable: The Unbearable Truth!
  • It is vital to establish the right collection rate for your professionals
  • Leadership Panels
  • Leading Hybrid High Performing Teams
  • Building a Positive Firm Culture.

We will end the Summit with an informal discussion to demonstrate the most valuable learnings and how they will shape the exciting years to come. For Professional Services and more broadly all invited to contribute.

We have never exaggerated when we say that the legal and accounting industries are undergoing change at unprecedented rates and in ways that most lawyers and accountants would have found difficult to predict at the turn of the new millennium.
There were many experts prophesying a future for lawyers and what appears to be a tsunami of innovation and change engulfing the legal and accounting profession. Professionals, along with regulators, professional bodies and universities, are rising up to meet the demands and challenges that such a rapid transformation brings.

It was in this context that GCE Global as the International Network of Lawyers and Accountants established the GCE ELECTRIFY 2023. a hybrid event with a recharge of Innovation and strategies to better understand the changes taking place in the dreaded «crisis».

Through talks, workshops, teamwork, discussion panels, we will analyze strategies in your profession and we will deliver a plan of strategies that allow lawyers and accountants to better adapt to new concepts and ideas, and adapt to the changes that are taking place. producing and will inevitably continue to do so.

Whenever possible, the summit also looks to the horizon in an effort to assess what might be to come.


From April 20 to 22, 2023 – Mexico

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