The Sustainable Firm of the Future



    About this Event

    The "SUMMIT GCE 2024: IMPACT - The Sustainable Firm of the Future" is a global summit of leaders in the legal, accounting, technology, and business sectors who will convene in El Salvador. This internationally renowned annual event serves as a gathering point for innovators, thinkers, and professionals in law, accounting, human resources, and marketing, exploring emerging trends and future challenges in these industries. With a carefully curated agenda, the SUMMIT offers a unique combination of expert presentations, interactive workshops, case studies, and panel discussions. This year's focus is on how technology, particularly artificial intelligence and digitization, is reshaping the legal landscape and how firms can adapt to become more sustainable and resilient in the future. The event is characterized by its practical and strategic approach, providing attendees with applicable knowledge and strategies to lead their organizations toward a more sustainable and ethically responsible future.

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