Dear AEA and GCE Colleague

I am happy to inform you that we have established a cooperation alliance with a network of lawyers and accountants from the United States of America called GCE GLOBAL LIMITED.

We have been searching in the last months for a cooperation with an American Network. We are the largest network of Lawyers in Europe in what relates to the number of offices and countries covered. In USA there are many lawyers networks. The practice of networking and cooperation between lawyer firms is much more extended in USA than in Europe. So it is a good business opportunity to establish an alliance with a network based in USA.

GCE Global is a network leader in the area of strategic planning, support and development for small, medium and large Enterprises nationally and internationally. It is a group of consulting firms of Law and Accounting.

The majority of the firms of GCE Global are located in America. They have offices in USA, Mexico, Guatemala. Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Panama, Venezuela, Colombia, Chile, Argentina. Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dominican Republic.

Outside America the presence is very limited as they only have offices in China, Indonesia and UK.

Therefore it is a good business opportunity for AEA members as we can get referrals coming from America.

The AEA members can attend the events of GCE global as if they were GCE members. In the same sense GCE members will be able to attend the AEA Congresses. GCE members have been invited to attend the AEA 15th International Congress in Barcelona the 20 and 21th May. They will have the same opportunities as AEA members and therefore will give a presentation of two minutes of their offices and will pay no registration fee.

The main goal of this alliance is to increase referrals so that AEA members can get more work.

AEA keeps growing in these difficult times.

You have more information about GCE Global in their website

Kind regards.

Pedro Beltran
President AEA

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