Our Services

  • Global Membership.
  • Corporate Strategic Planning for Law Firms and Accountants.
  • Local Brand Development and International Growth.
  • Expanded options in experiential and innovative professional practices.
  • Professional Networking with hybrid experiences.

We are pleased to call our network your home. Once you become a GCE Global network member, we support:

  • Corporate Strategic planning.
  • Growth and development for small, medium, and large brands through partners.
  • We connect the accounting, legal, administrative, commercial, human resources, and technological industries for you.
  • Your heart and mind, we are fixers and problem solvers.



Working as an International network of professional accountants and lawyers for promoting making business relationships hybrid across the globe.

Consolidate in 2025 as an intercontinental Brand with approximately 662 members across the globe under the acronym GCE. Make each and one of our members proud to be a GCE Global brand.


Our Team

Strategic Planner

Business Developer

Administrative Coordinator


Global Connections, Real Relationships

1. Grow your professional support network

Becoming a member of GCE Global provides you with many opportunities to connect with your peers, industry-leading accounting, financial, legal, legal industry experts, and market-leading vendors. All are willing to share their experience and advice with you.

2. Free seminars and management events

Every year, GCE Global organizes seminars and management events in America and Europe. Due to COVID-19, these events have moved online until our regular in-person events can restart. The online events offer practical information from experts and industry leaders and are free to members via Youtube.

3. Free online resources

GCE’s free online resources include:

– Checklists.

– Templates.

– PDFs, downloadable brochures.

– Videos.

4. Awards and honours

The GCE Awards provide well-deserved recognition to members who are driving innovation in their law firm, accountancy firm, or legal department. The awards shed light on innovative projects and new initiatives being carried out by companies across the legal sector. The awards are presented at the GCE Summit Annual Gala Dinner.

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