Money is only one form of wealth and possibly the least solid. But it is not that this is reproachable at all. What deserves judgment is the banality and ignorance of people regarding the integral meaning that wealth has. A human being is rich without money when he finally understands that the best things in life are free. They say that one day Alexander the Great, with his entire army, was passing by on a path of those vast lands that made up his empire. At some corner, he came across a small man blocking the caravan.

Alexander’s aide-de-camp approached him and said: you are stopping the advance of the army led by the man who conquered the whole world, who are you? The little man replied: “I am just someone who mastered his desire to master the world”.

This little anecdote (which will finally be known if it was true), contains the representation of something wonderful: the genuine value of things in life. Not the one that is often understood as unique because modern society sells it, rather the one that transcends the material and is inscribed in the deep meaning of existence. 

 Here are some ways to get rich without money:

1.- Be a rich person in moral character.

Character is the set of traits and qualities that indicate the way of thinking/acting of a person and distinguish it from others.
Being someone of moral uprightness and having the character to make it prevail over the circumstances that occur in life is something of immense value. Such a person is distinguished from 100 who have a lot of money and essentially nothing else.
If you have solid moral character and apply it in every act of your life, you are a wealthy person.Period.

2.- Marry the love of your life.

Does it seem irrelevant? It is not! It is a blessing that a few people get, although it seems strange. And the fortune attached to this experience provides a quality of life that cannot substitute for money or other value. 

3.- Be able to defend their beliefs.

When values and beliefs must be negotiated to obtain positions or money, the route to poverty is quickly traveled. Sooner rather than later, this cost manifests itself in life and overshadows any other achievement.
On the other hand, living in a way that is aligned with values and beliefs is a fortune that few can enjoy. 

 4.- Reach balance of life.

A “balanced” life is possibly the most obvious way to be rich without having money. Balance is the energy that sustains the Universe and qualifies everything in its proper measure. Few, very few, achieve balance in their life. Achieving it reduces any effort to accumulate money. 

5.- Being able to enjoy quality time with their family.

Whoever does not depend basically on anything or anyone to have quality time with its family, should consider themselves a lucky person. These experiences are not comparable to what money can buy. And they are not always within the reach of those who have prioritized the accumulation of financial fortune as a life goal. 

6.- Appreciate freedom.

Freedom as such is not a manifestation of wealth, the ability to appreciate it is. Most people in this world take for granted being able to enjoy their freedom until they lose it. Few appreciate it and experience its value.
Think, What good is it to be a free person if you are unable to appreciate and enjoy what it means? By critically evaluating your environment, you can see that there are very few truly free people in it. 

7.- Feel comfortable with yourself.

Is there a more satisfying way to live? Feeling COMFORTABLE with yourself is a blessing few know.
For most people, the world is an uncomfortable place to live (to say the least). But this is not a “defect” in the environment, rather a manifestation of the discomfort they feel with themselves. 

8.- Make a difference in the lives of others.

There are people whose presence stands out and others whose absence is noticeable. If you belong to this second group, you are incredibly wealthy. It has transcended its dimension and is a being that makes a difference for others. You should know that these are the people who leave the world better than they found it. 

9.- Follow your own advice. This is quite simple. If you are someone who can afford to follow your advice, you have gained independence and wisdom in this world. It can be considered a sovereign being and the owner of its destiny. Most people are insecure and do not even have confidence in themselves. They depend on the outcome of circumstances and the will of others. 

10.- Build mutually beneficial relationships.

If you are part of relationships that are enriched by your presence, and in which you feel valued and better, you are very rich without having money. Win-win relationships are as rare as high-value jewelry. Check it out! 

11.- Build experiences and memories.

Of experiences and memories is what the final journey of life is all about. This is what matters when the story ends, the rest is irrelevant. They say that the greatest regrets when death is near are related to experiences that were not lived, and memories that were not forged at will.

If you are building beautiful experiences and memories in your life, you have a richness that will accompany you until your last day, and a little beyond … 

12.- Be a trusted friend.

How much is a friend worth? And how much is a trusted one? How much can you say about one thing or the other?
If you are one of those people, you are worth much more than every gram of your weight in gold. 

13.- Stay honest with yourself.

Honesty with oneself is the “last” of the values that are sacrificed, many times, for material interests. And who has not done it, keeps a treasure that many millionaires envy.

In reality, all people can be, in some way, honest with themselves, but REMAINING this way through the challenges and difficulties of life, is an achievement of few. 

14.- Enjoy passion for life.

Everyone has fallen in love with a person, a vision, or a task, and in this sense, they know the honey of passion. If these beautiful sensations are linked to every act of life, you are extraordinarily rich without having money. 

 15.- Say “yes” because you want to.

Not because it is due. How many can say this? Reflect a bit on your life and see if you can fit into this category. If you can, you are very wealthy. 

16.- Raising good children.

They will be part of your legacy; they will represent you in this world after you leave it. If your children are a contribution that you leave to the world, feel rich. Because few can say the same and exonerate responsibilities. 

17.- Live with honor. This is, without the «need» to compromise moral values or well conduct premises. This «need» has the face of a heretic. It hides in subtleties and is treacherous. Ultimately, only everyone knows if they live with their honor intact or in good standing. And if you do, you have nothing to envy the world’s greatest millionaire. 

18.- Make others feel special.

The people who achieve this are extraordinary. Their memory survives in those who were fortunate enough to meet them. How many people like this exist? Try to verify it. You will come to a sad but great conclusion: They are few, and each one has a priceless value. 

19.- Live according to your possibilities.

And make it happy, in peace and communion with everything. This is not part of anything like poor ambition or resignation. Living well and according to the possibilities, is a trait of wisdom. Because on the other hand, nobody is putting a size limit on those possibilities. 

 20.- Doing things for the right reasons.

“You have to do what you have to do.” This is a sign that makes the world work. It is a representation of functionality, practicality, and pragmatism. But it is something that does not apply to the lucky few who enjoy doing things for the right reasons! These establish the guidelines for the evolution of things on the planet: they are the creators, the leaders.
If you fit in the category, you are “completely rich without money.” And this is just one way of expressing yourself because, for people who turned things around for the right reasons, money is never elusive. 

21.- Have a sense of purpose in life.

Most people tie their life to things, few do it to a goal. This last one has a sense of purpose for their existence that is very valuable. Something that gives meaning and significance, because the objectives, unlike things or people, can be considered their own indefinitely.

Having a life full of purpose represents, without a doubt, being rich without having money. 

22.- See the good in others.

Relationships between people are a game of projections and reflections. What generates rejection or disgust from another person is, most of the time, something that oneself reproaches inside.
Having the ability to see the good in others is a powerful way to enrich your life. It is proof that prejudices have been overcome and the minutiae of mediocre spirit have been transcended. It is a manifestation of wealth that has the power to change the destiny of the human species. 

23.- Overcoming adverse odds.

The feeling of happiness and fulfillment that comes from reaching “unlikely” goals is worth as much or more than any amount of money. Because it is a concrete representation of value. Beating the odds is not a matter of chance, it is the effect of keen vision and hard work. A consequence of talent and character. These attributes can get you anything in life … even money. 

24.- Receive a clean health certificate.

How much is this worth? Isn’t it one of the most fundamental manifestations of being rich without having money? “Health is priceless” is not a cliché. And if you have it well and complete, feel like a rich man, in the greatest sense of the word.

25.- Feeling comfortable being alone.

The only way to feel good being alone is to feel good about yourself. And this is not achieved by just anyone. In fact, it is much more difficult than building a fortune of money. Think about it! Feeling good about who you are and what you do is the product of a lifetime of personal development. And it is a treasure that justifies any kind of pride. 

26.- Enjoy days without worries.

It would be superb to say that some live ALL their days without worries. That is practically impossible. But “enjoying carefree days” is not only doable, but it is also a treasure.

You can have all the money in the world, but if “carefree” days are the exception that proves a rule, you live in complete poverty. Nobody has come to this world to become an expert in facing and solving problems and concerns, here you are to have positive experiences of life. Any other attitude only obeys the immortality complex that foolish spirits have. 

27.- Celebrate many anniversaries.

This is another way to be rich without having money. Celebrate many anniversaries! And not only as a product of healthy longevity but also as a celebration of long relationships of love, friendship, respect, work, etc. Ponder this for a moment: how many people can say, with a smile on their face, that they have celebrated many anniversaries? 

28.- Realize your potential.

Fortunate and wealthy are all those who achieve the best version of themselves on this earth. Nothing is alien to them, much less money. Realizing the potential with which one has arrived in this world is the transcendent objective for excellence, the reason of being of the person who has become aware of who it is and what it should do in his passage through life. 

29.- Being and staying self-sufficient.

This is freedom! Feeling complete, self-sufficient in comprehensive terms. No dependencies on anything or anyone else. Rather, with the ability to give to others what is abundant in one. To be and stay like this throughout life. This is being immensely rich, even if the money is not involved. 

30.- Go to bed with a clear conscience.

They say that Alexander the Great’s agony was long and painful until death finally took him away. The exact cause is not known, but it is most likely that he was poisoned.

Alexander conquered the entire known world, but unlike that little man who crossed his retinue, he could not conquer himself. He did not achieve the peace that this victory provides, his soul lived restlessly until the last day, always wanting something more.

His deathbed was not benign, but neither was the pillow on his ordinary nights. He did not feel comfortable with himself and neither with others. He was the owner of the world, but rich by no means.

Instead, that little man who conquered himself, lived and died rich without money, much less an empire. 

Publicado bajo autorización de su autor Carlos Nava Contardo

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